Photography by Stillme

All photos taken and owned by me

Carlisle Canopy
Carlisle Creations Continued
Carlisle Company
Carlisle Creations
Fall Tall Trees

I am not a photographer. The Carlisle pictures were taken during my recent walk around my neighborhood with my dog, Felix. The last picture (as well as my cover photo) is one of several taken after my most recent interval run in the local community park. My feet crunched leaves every other step or so and I wanted to capture that memory as best I could. California does have seasons, albeit abbreviated, and the month of November is our autumn.

My one and only family picture for Thanksgiving Dinner 2020. Clcokwise from the 3 o’clock spot: my mom, my dad, me, my first born and, with just 9 minutes separating them, my last born. Turns out, I am an Impressionist photographer.