Annual Elder Artic Chariot Racers

The wind tore through the night like an invisible giant hurling frozen tumbleweeds into trembling cacti. The bright flood lights glanced off the large chunks of snow that whipped in all directions before blanketing the desert plants. “On your marks!” boomed the mayor’s voice through his megaphone. Each contestant instinctively gripped the reigns of their… Continue reading Annual Elder Artic Chariot Racers


100-Word Story Challenge

A 100 word story from a writing buddy!

Heidi Eliason

Barbed wire fence

Writers, have you ever tried writing a 100-word story? A member of my writers group recently challenged us to write a 100-word story, so I gave it a try. It’s hard! Every word is so precious, I regretted the loss of each one I lopped off.

I was inspired to write this story recently when I was feeling upset about the direction our country has been taking. Here is my story, exactly 100 words. I welcome your thoughts and stories.

The Good Guy

When Don’s breathing returned to normal, he was still gripping the poised bat. He looked down at the enemy sprawled in the dirt, one shoeless foot tangled in a mesquite bush. Blood matted black hair, obliterated brown skin.

“MS-13 member or a rapist,” Don said to himself. “Probably both.”

Skidding tires spit gravel behind him, the glare of floodlights transforming the dusk to a bright stage. Don…

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