Teaching my sons how to cook has taught me how to cook.

Second Shot Whatnots

On St. Patrick’s Day I received my second Pfizer vaccination shot at the mass vaccination site also known as the Oakland Collesuem. Only two factors disappointed: There were half as many people there this second time around. It could have been the timing since I went through 90 minutes earlier, but I sped through the… Continue reading Second Shot Whatnots

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Mass vaccination sites sound like they are straight out of a sci-fi thriller. But after my experience today, I believe this is the BEST way to get vaccinated for COVID19.

Tunnel Vision

I am at the edge of a forty-five foot-long tunnel, the batter in her stance and my catcher in her squat at the other end.

Annual Elder Artic Chariot Racers

The wind tore through the night like an invisible giant hurling frozen tumbleweeds into trembling cacti. The bright flood lights glanced off the large chunks of snow that whipped in all directions before blanketing the desert plants. “On your marks!” boomed the mayor’s voice through his megaphone. Each contestant instinctively gripped the reigns of their… Continue reading Annual Elder Artic Chariot Racers


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