Second Shot Whatnots

Waiting the required 15 minutes.

On St. Patrick’s Day I received my second Pfizer vaccination shot at the mass vaccination site also known as the Oakland Collesuem. Only two factors disappointed:

  1. There were half as many people there this second time around. It could have been the timing since I went through 90 minutes earlier, but I sped through the experience. Instead of spend half my time in the parking lot following a train of cars winding through conces, I breezed through the coned lines with a dozen or so other cars (all total, in three different lanes), rolled up under one of the tents, and recieved my second shot all in under five minutes.
  2. There was a lot of blood on the Band-aid when I removed it that night.

But that’s all. Everythinig else about the experience was postive, including the resulting symptons. Last time my arm was uncomfortably sore for several days, to the point I took Advil to sleep one night. This time around I expereinced half the amount of soreness for half the time. Now, I also refrained from exercise both days, so no weights or even body weight training for my upper body, unlike last time, which may have made the soreness worse. Who knows?

Whatever the reason, I am thankful for the easy experience. My parents had similar pain-free, symptom-free experiences. Now we are fast approaching the 96% protected, fullyt vaccinated number. And I returned to the class room with kids on Monday March 29, 2021, twelve days after my second shot.

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