Twelve Days of April so Far

Twelve days into April and I have twelve poems posted on my blog.  I never thought I would be able to do this, mainly because I’m not a poet. One of my fellow writing partners is a poet and inspired me, and my first poems, “Militia Mushrooms” and “Finding Religion” were response poems to her “Mushrooms” and “Losing Religion” poems.

My India poems are directly related to an assignment I’m assigning my sixth graders next week.  They will have plenty of example poems.

Through this experience, I made a couple discoveries.

  • Haiku are super easy to do. 5-7-5 syllables. Cake.
  • Haiku is the plural form of Haiku
  • Cinquains (don’t know the plural vs. singular. I should look it up) are also super easy, no wonder they are popular with children.
  • Rhyming is rough, which is why my poems rarely rhyme. Alliteration – not so tough.
  • Imagery… Yeah, I need to work on that. Incorporating the five senses, similes, metaphors, onomonopoia and all that good happy figurative language stuff.
  • In researching just now I learned that I have missed the syllable component of cinquain poems.

Cinquain: Five Line Poetry

Syllabic verse form. Gradually increasing number of syllables in each line until the last line, which returns to two syllables.

  • Line 1: 2 syllables     One word giving the title, general, vague
  • Line 2: 4 syllables     Two words that describe the title (adjectives)
  • Line 3: 6 syllables     Three words that express action (verbs ending -ing)
  • Line 4: 8 syllables     Four word phrase express feeling or describe topic
  • Line 4: 2 syllables     One word (synonym) of title, specific


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