DIYMFA Book Club

My Family is My Reality

This brief post is in response to Prompt #2 for the  DIY MFA book Book Club.

Since May I have written almost every day, to the point that I now have a 145,000 word novel. Yikes.   Now my writing is focused on negative word counts, deleting a few hundred words at a time. It’s not simple deletion, either, but rewriting sentences and paragraphs and entire chapters to convey the same message, with at least the same amount of character, tone, voice, etc. but in less words.

In the past seven months, the only time Reality forced me to take an extended break (more than one day off) from my writing was last week.  My reality: I was on a week long family vacation with my mom and kids in Florida, which meant running non-stop from the time we woke up until the time we got home from the parks (Disney and Universal theme parks).  I took my laptop with me, thinking we would have down time for me to write, but we only had one rainy day and I wound up being too exhausted to concentrate.   On the flight home I opted to read a book on writing (Jordan Rosenfeld’s Writing the Intimate Character) because I had a sleeping child against each shoulder.

My family is my Reality.  I (really) like writing. I love my family.


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