For Fun

Marvel’s Civil War is an excellent way to spend a couple hours.

Today I broke a long held tradition – I watched a movie on its opening weekend. It was Mother’s Day, which allows me to get a little crazy.  The theater was packed, as was expected, but we had great seats and the movie delivered beyond my expectations.

The movie my boys and I watched was, of course, Captain America: Civil War, and as it great as it was, we did leave a little puzzled by the title, after all, it was the Avengers, and the Civil War took place between Avengers. Shouldn’t it have been called Avengers: Civil War?  Even a movie of this scope couldn’t use all the characters that were involved in the Marvel Civil War comic series – so there were no X-men or Fantastic Four – and the movie had to take some creative license with adding the Winter Soldier and keeping it Avenger-centric, but it was well done.  So, to be clear, I liked everything about the movie except for the title.

Now, I am a DC Comics fan through and through and I know all about the DC Universe, but Marvel Universe is not really my thing.  I have watched the main three X-men movies, the three Spiderman movies with Toby Maquire, Iron Man (1 and 2) and the two Fantastic Four Movies with Chris Evans’ Johnny Storm.  The only Marvel comics I have read are the Runaways and Marvel Civil War.  So let’s just say I was really jazzed to watch the movie version, and watched the first two Captain America’s to prepare myself.  (Sidebar: Loved Captain America: The First Avenger,  Captain America: Winter Soldier was OK, best part was Falcon.) But all this is leading up to say Disney (and the ever present Stan Lee) is making me a fan of Marvel Comics movies.  I have added Ant Man and all Avengers Movies to my must see list.

Being a DC Comics fan, and with DC getting into the blockbuster movie gig, I do hope they are taking notes from Marvel movies.  I hope their foray into the DC multiple-movie-universe  improves with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Justice League; because Superman vs. Batman didn’t cut it for me. I’m still a huge DC fan on the small screen: DC Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Arrow are all must-see TV for me, but as far as movies goes, Marvel does it right.

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