Mother’s Day Art

For my mom for Mother’s Day, my boys and I sat down at the kitchen table and each painted a 5×7 canvas. No parameters.  No guidance.  We each painted our own thing.

In hindsight, I should have established a common theme of some sort, like we each painted with the same blue color or we painted related objects.  Our end result was a masterpiece of colorful explosion from Joseph; a subdued, bi-color work of art from Thomas; and an unfinished-looking project from me.

Our three separate works of art don’t look at all connected, and yet, when Thomas got frustrated with his tree that he felt looked nothing like a tree, Joseph suggested he turn his painting upside down.  Thomas’ tree became a hill.  And after I finished my background  and was at a loss for what to do next, Thomas told me it looked like being underwater and suggested I add a shadow of a boat.  Since we tend to kayak more than row in this family, the boat became a kayak. I’m not sure how the J’s scrawled across Joseph’s canvas came about, I have a feeling that was his own idea, but Thomas and I were there for creative suggestions had he ask.

So while our finished product may not look collaborative, the process was, and the memory will remain in our art.

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